Household and care services


We find the necessary assistants to facilitate your day to day life. Totally personalised to your specifications and necessities.

We provide and select a wide variety of household staff as:

Housekeeper, nanny, cook, caregiver, chofer, gardener, teacher.

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Rely on Mary Care

We are a household service agency based in Marbella offering worldwide staff.

Selecting the assistants you require, we fully adapt to your specification.

Recruitment for business

Focus on your objectives

Recruitment requires a number of time-consuming processes:

  1. Posting job vacancies.
  2. Establishing contact with eligible candidates and making contact with them to get a first impression.
  3. Interviewing candidates in person.
  4. Screening potential candidates
  5. Arranging a second interview

Finding quality staff is no easy task

We are well aware of how difficult it is to find quality personnel with a vocation for permanence.

Nowadays, we face a key problem: People who want to work, do not meet the minimum requirements demanded by organisations, nor their vision and personality… and when you think you have found them, they leave…

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